Focused Led Youth

Focus Led Youth (FLY) is the youth program at Word Of Life Outreach Ministries. Our mission is to raise up young godly leaders who will serve God and have a positive impact on their friends, neighborhoods, schools, and communities in the name of Christ.

Teens face a variety of unique interactions, situations, and temptations in their daily lives and have specific spiritual, emotional and social needs. Many of their struggles are vastly different than those faced by their parents which is why FLY exists.

We aim to address the needs of our youth in ways that empower teens to take charge of their own lives and live righteously while following the teachings of God’s word. We do all this while supporting the desire of parents to raise godly children. Learning how to grow in faith, develop positive spiritual habits and how to incorporate their spiritual identity with their individual identity is at the core of our mission.

Colossians 3:20 instructs children to obey their parents because it pleases the Lord. FLY stresses the importance of family and community and teaches our youth that to respect family is the foundation of a healthy spiritual relationship with Christ.

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Our teens will learn to make their relationship with Christ a priority by spending time in both prayer and devotion. Our teens will learn to form healthy connections in their relationships with others while exhibiting the characteristics and heart of Christ.

Above all, our youth will be encouraged to not only live a life that is exampled by Christ but to lead by example among their peers, in their schools, and throughout their communities. FLY not only encourages teens to spend time together in fun and celebratory activities but to work together to create a better society and live in service of others.

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