Category: God’s Love

Watch Your Mouth
A filthy mouth always hinders our relationship with the Lord. Jesus says that it’s not what goes into our mouth’s that defiles it but what comes out. He also taught [...]
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Never Take Credit for What God is Doing
Let’s be the light and be doers of the word, not just hearers. Give God credit for what He is doing! Every good and perfect gift is from HIM!
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Love Is That Important
God commanded, under the law to love our neighbor as ourselves. All neighbors…smart ones, dumb ones, tall ones, short ones, the beautiful and the not so beautiful, the rich and [...]
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It Will Cost You Something to Get Close to God
If we want more from God we must be willing to give more. We must be willing to lay aside all filthiness and all overflow of wickedness. Salvation is the [...]
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You Are Loved
Sometimes when we look around at our circumstances and feel the weight of the pressures of this world, it’s hard to believe that we are loved. How can God allow [...]
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Love Your Enemies
So what does it mean to love our enemies? Consider Jesus. Jesus faced enemies everywhere he went and continues to face them to this day. He often showed love to [...]
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