Watch Your Mouth
A filthy mouth always hinders our relationship with the Lord. Jesus says that it’s not [...]
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Count It All Joy
The testing of your faith produces patience. God wants us to be so dependent on [...]
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I Am A Doer
Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ. Love them where they [...]
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Never Take Credit for What God is Doing
Let’s be the light and be doers of the word, not just hearers. Give God [...]
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Qualities Needed in Trials
The petty annoyances we come across hardly measure up to what Jesus endured for us [...]
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Love Is That Important
God commanded, under the law to love our neighbor as ourselves. All neighbors…smart ones, dumb [...]
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The Devil Never Fights Fair
What giants are you facing? Recognize as believers and followers of Christ that we have [...]
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It Will Cost You Something to Get Close to God
If we want more from God we must be willing to give more. We must [...]
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Quit Trying to BE Good
According to Jesus, the only way to enter into the Kingdom is to KNOW Him. [...]
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Importance of a Church Family
Being with like-minded believers can encourage us in our spiritual journey as we seek to [...]
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Are You Believing in God?
As we grow in our faith, there will be circumstances that arise that will challenge [...]
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Get Wisdom
When we ask for wisdom, we must ask in faith with no doubting. We must [...]
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Making Disciples
Seeking the lost is the mission of many churches; as it should be. The Greatest [...]
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You Are Loved
Sometimes when we look around at our circumstances and feel the weight of the pressures [...]
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Love Your Enemies
So what does it mean to love our enemies? Consider Jesus. Jesus faced enemies everywhere [...]
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